UCB DONNA surveys

The application gives bank card DONNA owners opportunity to receive through the phones/tablets on-line information about promotions included in DONNA catalog and send feedback about there oppinion. The app qualified for UniCredit AppChallenge 2.0 finals and is awarded additional Samsung price.
User name: ucb
Password: donna

Download for Android 2.2+ tablets and phones

City sparrows

One awesome Math Game for all 7+ kids which is based on Knapsack problem. The game trains the kids to sort, order and combine number. City sparrows surely help to keep your mind fit and healthy, improve concentration and memory. Players should drag every one hungry sparrow to the right rack with crumbs. When the sparrow reach the rack the number of crumbs needed by sparrow subtract from the rack. Available in Amazon App store.

Download for Android 2.2+ tablets and phones


8Vic gets 15 most used contacts from the phone contact book. Displays them in game-like manner. The contacts that have a photo will be displayed with this photo, other contacts will be displayed with their contact name. 8Vic allows the user to use drag'n'drop functionality to call phone numbers and send sms. The 8Vic allows the owner of the phone to make own photo and to use it as "phone dealing" marker instead of standart 8Vic phone icon. Available in Amazon App store.

Download for Android 2.2+ tablets and phones


Augmented Reality game for iPhone. The goal is to catch the artificial fly that is projected over the current rear camera view. The user has to try to catch the fly moving the hand in front of rear camera - just like in real.